Bumper Stickers

Do You work for California ferret legalization?
Do you volunteer at a shelter or maybe you ARE a shelter?
Or you adopted ferrets from a shelter just 'cause they needed homes'?
Or you worked to get rabies quarantine information to your local humane society?

Maybe you check on the ferrets at pet stores and assist store personnel in making things
safer and more pleasant for baby ferrets?
Or maybe you just feel great empathy for those who do these things.
If any of the above applies to you, then you are a

That's what our bumper sticker says - FERRET WARRIOR.

The vinyl strip is white and the lettering is black. Very basic, very to the point.
We are all, everyone of us, Ferret Warriors.

Now you can show your support for ferret shelters with our newest bumper sticker below.

All proceeds from both bumper stickers go to shelters, In fact, you can make a check out to any shelter on the S.O.S. list, and we will send them the checks.

Cost of the bumper stickers are $3.00 each, in any quality, and S.O.S. will cover postage and packaging.

To order one or two with cash is fine. When paying by check made out to Support Our Shelters or to the shelter of your choice. You can now use Paypal.
Use ferretshelterfund@supportourshelters.org as the pay to.
S.O.S. is an 501c3 non-profit and your donations are tax deductible.

Please mail your order to:

Judith White
Support Our Shelters
100 Walsh Rd
Lansdowne PA  19050

The Faces of the Innocent
by Judy Cooke
This page created by Sharon B. and donated by Stormy for S.O.S, and the love of fuzzies and dedicated to shelter ferrets everywhere.
Page Updated 3/14/2014
Special thanks to Kity=^..^=Kat, and
The Extreme Weezils.
Another great way to help shelter ferrets
SOS says thank you to our many raffle supporters who helped shelter ferrets
Raffles are no longer taking place but will be replaced by auctions. Please check back for more details.
SOS Memorial Page
Remembering those special ferrets and people who have touched our lives.
Tribute to Shelters and Ferrets by Mike Janke.
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It is worth the wait.
Show your support for ferret shelters!
Now Available -
2011 Phoenix Sympoiusm Cecil Patch.
Still Available: 2008 Pittsburgh Ferret Symposium Blizzard patch,
2007 Portland Cassie Symposium Patches
Also Ferret Aid Toronto 2006 Pong, and 2005 St Louis Symposium Stormy Patches

Got your Doodlebug Atlanta 2003 Patch? You'll have to have one of each!

For info about the 2014 Alaska Gathering for Ferrets event please visit:

Welcome to Support Our Shelters' Fundraiser page. Here you will find the current fundraisers.
Please just follow the links to learn how you can help and what you can get in return.
Thank you for your support of SOS. Without you we couldn't help shelters and shelter ferrets.
A Buck a Month can make a difference to a shelter ferret.
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The Fantastic Ferret Fun Book is available for just $5. including shipping.
Please mail your orders to Judith at the above address. If using Paypal please note which fundraiser you are donating to in the subject line. Thanks for helping SOS help shelter ferrets!
If you are a shelter in need of Ferretonin/Melatonin Implants http://www.melatek.net
or would like to donate Implants to a shelter at a discount cost you can order them through SOS.
Please email
Sharon for details.
Information on how to enter the
2018 Ferrets of the FML calendar photo contest.

The 2017 calendar will be available for purchase mid September. Please visit the calendar page for more information or contact Sharon.
SOS would like to thank Robin Jones for running this great project and wish her a happy retirement with thanks for all her wonderful years of service!
Joanne has taken over the card exchange for those who didn't want to see the wonderful project end. Please email for more details.
The Safe Alternative for Hyperadrenal Ferrets - Ferretonin from Melatek.
Quantities are limited.
Please email to check availability.
If you are a shelter please contact Performance Foods about their shelter program or you can order food to have shipped directly to your favorite shelter.
Want to donate to help a shelter? You can donate with funds going into an account for your favorite shelter. They can then order food and receive their discount. This makes your donation go farther!
Please contact 877-545-5462.
You can help a ferret shelter this holiday season or at any time of the year by visiting The Shelter Directory's 'Shop A Ferret Shelter'. Click here to go Shop!.