This page is a celebration of love, for it lists the names of special friends who have added such joy to our lives. The time our ferrets get to share with us is too short and the pain when they leave so great, but the pain of that loss is worth every minute we have them in our life.

As you read the names below, know these babies were loved and cherished and that even in death, they reach out and touch us.

The donations made in the name of these ferrets will go to help other ferrets.
A neglected or abused ferret comes into a shelter afraid and alone. Because of the efforts of a caring and giving Shelter Mom and funds provided by Support Our Shelters, this precious baby can get the care and medical attention he or she needs so that eventually, they can be placed in a loving home.
Judy Cooke

For information on how you can memorialize your ferret, please contact Sharon Bearden at:
PeeWee Wheeler
Lucky Parsons
Fiver Bearden
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This page created for Judy Cooke with Special thanks to Kity=^..^=Kat and to the Extreme Weezils.  In Loving Memory of those listed here.
Gizmo Barker
Mylo Mead
Bandit Mead
Baxter Mead
Ripper Caselman
Joe Cool Caselman
Skunky Caselman
Tazzie (Superman) Caselman
Mary Caselman
Zorro FerretCorner
Oggie FerretCorner
Sugar McBride
Bo Caselman
Hershey Caselman
Schnopps Caselman
Sonny Caselman
KWFlatbed's Rascal
Kyle, Shelter Kid
Delilah Caudill
Buster Brat Mead
George Fry
Puck Fry
Bear FerretWise
Ewok FerretWise
Kim's Tucker
SassyFras Parsons
Eddie Parsons
Wolfie Parsons
CrackerJack McCullen
Harley 'Bug'
Grandma Deanna
Princess Cissy Parsons
Renate Campbell
Sparkle Campbell
Mira, shelter kid at FACT
Fozzie Newcomb
Gidget Newcomb
Teddy Newcomb
BJ Newcomb
Molly Newcomb
Angel Newcomb
Kelsey Newcomb
Hootie Toot Mobley
McGuinn Mobley
Mojo Mobley
Newby Mobley
Sherman-Diddle Dishman
GermanMan Dishman
Lady Bug Dishman
Queen Dishman
Manchild Whittle
Damian Whittle
Mugsy Caselman
Miss Dixie Bearden
Sabine White
Eloise White
Bizzy White
Esme White
Baby White
Kermet White
Jake White
Muggsie White
Kody Wheeler
Kit Bearden
Kouri Wood
Loki Zoll
Ferrington Zoll
Spectre Zoll
Tazz Zoll
Goldy Zoll
Bruiser Radford
Rocky FerretCorner
Zippy FerretCorner
Zoe White
Boo! Prager
Holly Parsons
Cally Parsons
Boomer Cooke
Millie Fry
Master Largo
Ferret Farm Shelter
Bandit Barker
Ping Stout
Smoke Stout
Sprout Prager
Paddington Bear
Theodore Bear
Lil Bear
Scooter Wheeler
Merlin Wheeler
Pong Stout
Sidney Sue Johnson
Gidget "Mama" Bearden
Smudge Prager
Precious Lily (Pilly)
Tyson Cooke
Rocky Stout
Doodlebug Jones
Noel Jones
You can add your ferret's name to the Memorial Page by making a donation to SOS. There is no set amount that you have to donate - you just can't put a price tag on something like this. Whatever you wish to donate, we know it comes from the heart.

You can donate by making a check out to Support Our Shelters and mailing it to Sharon Bearden SOS, 1245 Curtis Switch Rd., Mineral Bluff, GA  30559.
Or you can send a Paypal payment to: This will go directly into the SOS account but I will receive a notice so I will know to add the name. Please include the name as you would like it to appear on the page.

If you have any questions please email:

Special thanks go to Judy Cooke for starting this wonderful project.
Missy P. Jones
Rosie Jones
Bandie Jones
Pogo Collins
Dellie Scheidt
Frannie Scheidt
Meeja Parsons
Uh-Oh Parsons
Roger Engelke
A friend to fuzzies
Laddie Stout
Einstein Cooke
Miss Lily
Buddy Raine
Mz Lily Raine
Stormy Bearden
SpokesFerret for SOS
Parriss Raine
The Little Kidd Raine
The Kidd Raine
Hope Cooke
Pipkin Bearden
Abigail Schneider
Gerty Lohrey
Geiger Bearden
Ferret Way Station, TX
Asia Schneider
Niki Bearden
Akee Schneider
Sammy Downs
Jersey Downs
Ross Austin
Sidney Bearden
Minky Bearden
Zoe Bearden
Spanky Bearden
Francis White
Pixie Strapp
Martin White
Webster Strapp
Cho Brandon
Rascal Bearden
Liz Bearden
Piper Bearden
Slinky Bearden
Rowdy Bearden
Alleigh Schneider
Aries Schneider
A J Schneider
Cody Bearden
Austin Schneider
Chloe Bearden
Boo Boo Bearden
Bucky Bearden