The Faces of the Innocent.

They have no choice. They have no say. We decide everything for them, and when we make decisions that are wrong, they are the ones who suffer the consequences.
I am not here to throw stones or to cast blame...
I simply want to show you some of the Faces of the Innocent.
I went to Julie Fossa's house
Saturday - expecting the worst.
I knew she had brought over 60 ferrets from Utah and I had a preconceived notion of
what I should expect.

But what I found was quite surprising.
I found ferrets playing-jumping, pouncing and falling in water bowls.
I saw a spirit and a lust for life that was awe-inspiring.
The ferrets-stressed as they are from the events of the last couple weeks, were happy,
Happy to jump on their cage an empty film canister...and even at me!
In the face of all we (humans) have inflicted on them, their joy for living-for life, remains in tact.

Yet for as happy as these ferrets were, I couldn't help but feel a deep sadness for them.
Many had no name.
(I can't imagine being 2 years old and not having a name).
Most have never had a true home.
And several are in need of immediate medical attention.
Again...things forced upon them by humans.

These ferrets...and all ferrets in shelters across the country, deserve more from us.
Look at these faces.
Then look at them again!
Do you have room in your heart and in your home for a couple more?
Is there a shelter near you that is over-crowded? If you can't provide a safe, loving, permanent home for a shelter ferret, can you dig a little deeper in your pocket and make a donation to the shelter of your choice or to the SOS?
The need is so great and the few who have the heart...and courage to care for these babies simply cannot do it without us.

All I ask is that you look at these pictures...and if you are inspired to go to your local shelter to add one or more to your family, or make a monetary donation...or even volunteer to spend and afternoon scooping poop, then dooks to you and yours!

I will thank you, and the shelter moms and dads will thank you but most importantly,

Judy Cooke
This page is dedicated in memory of Layton who made the trip from Utah but didn't get to make the journey to a new home.
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