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Support Our Shelters' Card Exchange

The Support Our Shelters' Card Exchange is a great way for ferret owners to come together, make new friends and share ferret related stories and pictures. Throughout the year, there are card exchanges on holidays or special events. Those that choose to signup for an exchange are then given reasonably sized list of others that chose to be involved, and then they send out a greeting card, a letter, pictures or anything else they wish to share with each person on the list.

The Card Exchange is also a great way to raise money for Support Our Shelters. If you choose, you can include a dollar or two in the card you send to Sharon Bearden. Sharon will put all the dollars or checks together and deposit it in the SOS bank account and from there it goes to help shelter ferrets in need. As a donation is not required to participate in the Card Exchange, but if you would like to help out, please make checks payable to SOS. Remember, your donation it tax-deductible!

The Support Our Shelters' Card Exchange is now run by
Marilyn Ledoux, our new card exchange volunteer. Questions and comments regarding the exchange should be sent directly to Marilyn. Any questions or comments regarding the SOS website should be sent to Sharon, Webmaster for SOS.

Many thanks to Judy Cooke for creating the FML Card Exchange in November of 2000 and running it until the time she moved on to other projects to help with ferrets, in the Summer of 2005. If not for Judy this boon to ferrets everywhere would not exist. Judy has now retired from the ferret community but the many wonderful projects she started live on and continue to help ferrets.
Thanks goes to Joanne who ran the exchange for several years. Special thanks also go to Robin who took it over to give Joanne a needed break. SOS appreciates all the wonderful help given by Robin Jones over the years until she retired from SOS. Now Marilyn is giving Joanne a needed break.
Also thanks go to Jen at the Hidey-Hole for hosting the Card Exchange until it was moved to the SOS site for the 2009 Exchanges.

If you are new to the card exchange this is what you do. You email me
Marilyn and sign up. Then in about a week after deadline, I will send you a list of 6 - 12 names (it depends on how many sign up). Then you send a card to each person on the list, and they will send a card to you. Your name will be on your list also, and if you would like you can slip a dollar or two in the card going to Sharon Bearden. Then Sharon will put all the dollars together and send all the money to SOS, where it goes to help shelter ferrets in need. Please don't forget your donations to SOS are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Everyone is welcome, even the ferrets. Just send your name and address to sign up. Make your cards, buy your cards or just write a note on paper. The exchanges are now open and you can pick the holiday to exchange cards. List will go out on the 1st of the month so you will have time to get your cards in the mail. These exchanges are a lot of fun and you get to hear from ferret owners all over the US and we welcome those of you to join in across the big puddle.
Now we are opening up the Support Our Shelters' Card Exchange to Facebook.  We are having so much fun we would like to invite others to join us.  The more the merrier!  Come join in on the fun and help make this year even more successful!

Upcoming Exchanges
Below are a few of the upcoming Card Exchanges. Don't forget each dollar earned goes to needy ferrets in shelters.

Special thanks to our 2017 Card Exchange participants: Thank you Laraine Bennett, Angela Dixon, Risa DiVencenzo, Erica Hohing, Carol J. Owens, Christ Matlick, Marilyn Ledoux, Patricia Shaskin and Brenda Zupro.

Sign up now for the Easter and National Ferret Day, Adopt A Ferret Month
So, here is the list and you can decide which ones you want to do.
January - New Years
February - Valentines Day
March - St. Patrick's Day
April - Easter, Adopt A Ferret Month
May - National Ferret Day and Memorial Day. We could have a Memorial Tree.
June - Flag Day
July - 4th of July
August - month off for now
September - Labor Day
October - Halloween
November - Thanksgiving Day
December - Christmas