As Of....June 2014

The SOS Shelter List has moved

Please Note: The Support Our Shelters' Shelter list was created to aid the members of the Ferret Mailing List (FML)--and everyone else who cared to use it--in finding ferret shelters around the world. The shelters listed with SOS asked to be listed and supplied information on number of ferrets in shelter and their shelter needs. Because of the magnitude of the task, Support Our Shelters is not able to verify the information that we receive. However, we do verify the information as much as possible before we use the funds donated to us to support a specific shelter. We hope you will support at least one ferret shelter, and we encourage you to verify the shelter's information for yourself. Thank you for helping the ferrets!
The shelter list can now be found at the Ferret Shelters Directory located at Ferret Shelters Directory
If you have questions about how you can help a shelter or if you are a shelter who needs emergency help for a shelter ferret
please contact:

Sharon Bearden

***************************************************************************************************************** TAX DEDUCTIONS FOR ALL!! Support Our Shelters (S.O.S.) is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization. EIN # 23-3062176 Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. You may request that a specific shelter receives your gift, or we will choose the neediest shelters for you. There are many good shelters which are not 501(c)3 so you may donate to your favorite shelter through SOS. Please be specific when making a donation earmarked for a certain shelter so your donation will be directed according. Thank you for helping shelter ferrets! ************************************************************************************************************ If You'd Like To Send A Gift To A Shelter You can encourage and support the wonderful people who work so hard for the ferrets we love by sending email greetings, donating ferret gifts or supplies, contributing to paying expenses, or volunteering hands-on help. Contributions may be made directly to their vets to cover bills. Or chose a shelter or more each month and send them $5 or $10. Or join the Buck-a-Month Club at FERRET SUPPLIES: If you want to mail supplies to shelters, you can order them from one of the catalog companies and have them shipped directly to the shelter instead of paying postage twice. Be sure to tell the company and the shelter what you are doing. Just a few are: Totally Ferret 1-877-545-5462 It means so much to get that care package! ***********************************************************************************************************