Special thanks go out to Dawn Miklichs who first came up with the idea of 'Adopt A Ferret Month' in 2007 and for her hard work on the first Adopt A Ferret event which took place in 2008.

Dawn wrote, April 2008 will be the first "Adopt A Ferret Month"!! The goal of this month is to make people aware of the number of ferrets in shelters that need a home, that ferret shelters are a great place to find a ferret to add to the family, and to educate those that are considering adding a ferret to their household.
Support Our Shelters would like to ask you to help us celebrate every April as Adopt A Ferret Month in conjuction with the Nationally recognized celebration on April 2nd which is National Ferret Day. We would like to encourage everyone to visit a shelter near you to adopt a needy shelter ferret or to learn about ferrets, volunteer and help in any way you can. The following list was compiled by Dawn Miklichs as ways you can help celebrate Adopt A Ferret Month.

There are many ways to help spread the word about ferrets needing homes and to help ferret shelters-

1. Download a poster to post in your community

2. Print out a coloring sheet (great for coloring contests!)

3. Add a button to your webpage (right click to copy and save to your computer)-

4. Donate a ferret book to your local library so people can learn about ferrets.

5. If you sew, make some bedding to donate to a ferret shelter.

6. You could also make some bedding for the shelter to sell or raffle to bring in funds.

7. When you need to search for something online, Use Goodsearch and choose a ferret shelter as the recipient.

8. Do you shop online? Join IGive and choose a ferret shelter as to receive a percentage of what you purchase when you go through the site.

9. Another place to look if you shop online is the ferret shelterís website. Many have affiliate links where they get a percentage of each sale that goes through their site.

10. Donate any gift cards you get. Cleaning supplies can be bought through many different stores and even a restaurant gift card will give the shelter operator a little break.

11. Some shelters use cat food in their food mix, send them coupons to help with the purchase.

12. Volunteer to design and/or maintain a website for a shelter.

13. Offer to take pictures for the shelter to post on their site or Petfinder.

14. Considering fostering a ferret for a shelter.

15. Donate cleaning supplies.

16. Help educate new owners by putting Ferret care handouts in vet offices and pet stores (best to ask permission first).

17. Offer to organize a fundraiser for a shelter.

18. Volunteer to come once a month and help trim nails and clean ears.

19. Talk to your local pet store about doing a ferret education day.

20. Offer to teach a ferret care class through your local animal shelter.

21. Help educate animal shelters on ferret care.

22. Volunteer at your local animal shelter to care for ferrets that come in.

23. Join Ferrets Across America to help provide transport.

24. Join Support Our Shelters Buck-A-Month Club. Even a small donation can go a long way.

25. Make extra Duck Soup to donate to a shelter.

26. Buy a jar of baby food when you are grocery shopping to donate.

27. Donate some canned A/D.

28. If you are thinking about adding another ferret to your business, really consider if it is something you can financially afford and give time to. Many shelters have multiple ferrets surrendered because they become too much to care for.

29. If you decide adding a ferret is something you can do, adopt from a shelter.

30. If adding a ferret isnít the right choice right now, sponsor a ferret at a shelter.

31. Set up a medical savings account for your ferrets, so there doesnít come a time when you canít afford their healthcare and must give them up.

32. When purchasing ferret supplies, buy one item for a ferret shelter.

33. Save the environment and help shelter ferrets by donating used printer cartridges and cell phones to shelters that can recycle them for cash.

34. Set up a plan for you and your pets for emergency situations.

35. Write an article for a ferret shelterís newsletter.

36. Help edit, put together or mail a shelter newsletter.

37. Pass the newsletter on to friends and businesses that may be able to use the information.

38. Organize and help at a shelter yard sale.

39. Offer to provide transport for a ferret being surrendered to a shelter.

40. Offer to take ferrets to the vet for the shelter.

41. Donate a phone card.

42. Teach your children about the responsibility of owning a pet.

43. Teach a program through a school or library on caring for ferrets.

44. Write press releases for a ferret shelter.

45. Maintain a list of media contacts in your area and contact them when something ferret related happens.

46. Donate used ping pong balls or biodegrable cornstarch packing peanuts to a ferret shelter to use in dig boxes.

47. Donate a filing cabinet or shelf to a shelter to use for storage.

48. Loan your carpet steamer to a shelter to use.

49. Find events where a ferret shelter or ferret education table can be set up to help educate the public.

50. Donate a cage or playpen to a shelter.

51. Offer to do a shelterís laundry for a week.

52. Distribute shelter event flyers in your area.

53. Offer to store items for future yard sales or Ebay sales.

54. Donate an item for a raffle or offer to solicit items from businesses.

55. Help with adoption events at pet stores.

56. Pay for an ad to publicize an event the shelter is holding.

57. Get some friends together to have a shelter cleaning day.

58. Donate a baby gate.

59. If you own a business, donate any services you could provide.

60. If a ferret shelter near you sells items, buy something.

61. Save your spare change to donate- pennies add up to nickels, nickels add up to quarters, quarters add up to dollars.

62. If you found your ferret through a ferret shelterís Petfinder website, send in a Happy Tail to let others know how great adoption can turn out.

63. Offer to ferret-sit for shelter dad/mom once a month for the entire day. Youll be surprised how much you learn!

64. If you are traveling distances, offer to transport ferrets for adoption.

65. If you are traveling distances, offer to transport materials from one shelter to another. Many shelter share items. If one shelter does not use food A but another shelter does, offer to make the transport for them.

66. Start a pet food coupon exchange. Work in conjunction with other types of rescues to trade the coupons you do not use (ie dog food) for ones you know the shelter can use (ie cat food).

67. If you live in a rural area and shop in a nearby city/town call the shelter and ask if they need anything when going on your shopping trip.. Often the prices are better and this will save the shelter time and gas money.

68. Visit the Ferret Shelters Directory to find a ferret shelter near you. Ferret Shelter Directory

69. Donate to your favorite shelter who doesn't have their own 501c3 non-profit status through SOS. SOS will pass the funds on to the shelter and you will receive a receipt for your tax records.

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