Who are those ferrets?

::Ferrets are playing about when they get an unexpected visit from a great Robed One.   They run to her and are so excited they try to ride her robe, and dance all about her feet.   The Oracle dances about with them, then notices one ferret looking at a group of ferrets in the far off distance sadly::

RO:   Why are those ferrets not coming over here?   Why are they staying so far away?

Ferret:   They have ADV.   They do not want to get us sick, or get ADV on your robe.

RO:   Awe, I'm sorry.   There are so many of them!

Ferret:   Yeah we know.   We have lots of friends over there.   More and more of our friends are having to stay away from us because they are scared they will get us sick.   They keep leaving.   Some go to ADV shelters, some to special ADV homes, some go to the bridge...but they always leave one way or another.

RO:   I don't want any more ferrets to get ADV.   It's all so sad.

Ferret:   Yeah its scary for us.   I think one of the ways we can stop it from spreading so much is to spread public awareness and education faster than the disease.

RO:  Well I've been trying, Wolfys' tried, and so many people are trying.

Ferret:   I know and it's really helped.   When people test, are aware of ADV, and take proper precautions it saves many, many ferret lives.   But it's still spreading some.

RO:   I don't know what else to do besides talk about it to people.   I mean I try to do the right things myself, but so many people either don't know about it, don't understand it, or have the wrong facts.   I wish there was more I could do.

Ferret:   Well, actually right now there is.

RO:   How?

Ferret:   Be patient and persisant.  Keep faith.

RO:   ::chuckle::  Such big words for such a little ferret!

Ferret:   Be patient in teaching others about ADV.   Be persistant with safety and testing.   Keep faith that people will finally 'get it', and keep faith that medicine and testing will catch up to our needs and pay off.

RO:   Well that's easy enough, gosh, I can do that.

Ferret:   Spread the word, not the disease.

RO:   Easy enough!  ::little paw to pinky highfive::

Ferret:   But you know what?  I'm just a ferret and I don't know all the details about the disease really.   So if you want more information, it would really be good if you visited some ADV sites, or contacted people that know about it.

RO:   No worries lil' mate!  Tell your friends, ::she looks into the distance:: that we will try hard.

Ferret:   I wish I could.   But, I hope I don't get the opportunity to also.  ::little ferret looks wistfully at the far off group of ferrets standing all alone::.   They'll find out from one of us soon though.....one way or another.   ::looking back to the Oracle with a smile::  Well, anyway, I need to go get busy!   ::little ferret hikes it's tail in the air and begins to bounce off::

RO:   I need to go too...shake hairballs at people dance, and do all that kind of Oracle work ya know.   Have fun playing today fuzzies!

::The Oracle looks over at the large group of far off ferrets, then back at the ferrets close by.   And right before her one of the close ferrets sadly walks away from the playing group to join the others in the ADV group in the far off distance. The Oracle goes off to write her friend Judy to see if she needs a friend as she deals with her ADV positive ferrets and to find out the best way to spread the word::

The Ferret Oracle

Please visit these sites for ADV testing information and info about ADV

Wolfy's ADV Straight-Up

Avecon ADV Test information

Yahoo ADV Group

More ADV testing information at Ferret Universe

How to donate to ADV research

MetroFerret's ADV site

Ferret ADV info page by Danee
Special thanks go to Kity=^..^=Kat, and to Sunny, Babe & Maggie.
Please test and learn more about ADV, do it for your ferrets and for our background models who are the faces of ADV.

This page created by
Sharon B. for Support Our Shelters, the faces of ADV and Kouri.

This list is ADV+ Shelters and their treating vets. Please contact them to see how you can help or if you would like to learn more about ferret ADV.

Trish Bartolovic                                                                Allen Williams
caride@earthlink.net                                                          Parker Way Vet Clinic
Ferret City ADV                                                                1515 Parker Way
Sedro-woolley, WA                                                           Mount Vernon, WA 98273
360-854-7969                                                                   360-424-7387
Yvonne DeCarlo                                                               Ridgefield Park Animal Hospital
Fuzztek@aol.com                                                             Dr. Paul Kim
Fuzztek North and Central                                                 215 Main Street
                                                                                         Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660
1106 Johnson Court
New Milford, NJ 07646

Mary McCarty-Houser                                                      Dr. Sharon Marx
mary@ferretrescue.com                                                   Metzger Animal Hospital*
Centre County Branch                                                      1044 Benner Pike
P O BOx 1206                                                                 State College, PA  16803
State Collage, PA  16804-1206                                           814-237-9267
* They offer gift certificates

If you are a shelter in need of ADV Testing such as the ELISA or POCT quick test kits please contact
Sharon for information on discounts available to SOS shelters through Avecon.
Blue Cross Animal Hospital is also offering discounts on CEP tests for SOS shelters.

For more information on testing how tos please visit:
Ferret Universe at http://www.ferretuniverse.com/health/adv.html